TrueNorthTV: Finding a safe path forward with Mappedin CEO Hongwei Liu

Adapting a business during the pandemic is challenging – even more so when your business revolves around indoor spaces like offices, malls and other commercial spaces. Mappedin CEO Hongwei Liu joins Communitech on the next episode of True North TV to talk about how the company is working to make indoor spaces safer during COVID-19 and how they continue to make privacy a priority.


More about Hongwei: Hongwei Liu is the CEO of Mappedin, a Waterloo based indoor mapping company that helps to digitize and maintain a source of truth for over 500 million square feet of indoor space. He has led the company’s growth from the founding team to the 65-person operation based out of their Waterloo office. He was born in China, grew up in Ottawa, and came to Waterloo to study Electrical Engineering.

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