Mappedin Offers Indoor Mapping for Okinawa Arena, Japan

Mappedin's interactive mapping solution helps visitors at Okinawa Arena locate their seat section, shops, amenities, and more while reducing congestion.


Okinawa Cellular cooperates with the introduction of advanced technology at Okinawa Arena

Realizing a "super comfortable and exciting" arena experience by utilizing new solutions

January 12, 2021 - The city of Okinawa (Mayor Asachio Kuwae) is proceeding with the construction and plans to hold a pre-opening event on April 10, 2021. Okinawa Arena (designated manager: Tatsuro Kimura, President of Okinawa Arena Co., Ltd.) will introduce multiple solutions that utilize cutting-edge technology. The Okinawa Arena is an indoor facility with a maximum capacity of 10,000 people, and is suitable for sporting activities as well as other uses such as concerts and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions). Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co., Ltd. is located in Okinawa City. In collaboration with Lina Co., Ltd., we will build a LAN and Wi-Fi so that visitors can spend their time comfortably in the arena. In addition, KDDI CORPORATION, a group company, has introduced various digital solutions provided by partner companies.

Together with the city and Okinawa Arena, Okinawa Cellular will realize a comfortable arena experience for all visitors and contribute to the development of culture and performing arts. 


Outline of technology to be installed in Okinawa Arena

Installation of "OKINAWA ARENA Free Wi-Fi" and construction of local area network (LAN)

"OKINAWA ARENA Free" is a free Wi-Fi service that assumes the maximum capacity of about 10,000 people. Wi-Fi authentication comes by utilizing the cloud authentication platform that has a proven track record of Wi-Fi operation in Japan. We provide a safe, secure and comfortable communication environment for the participants. In addition, the latest Wi-Fi standard "Wi-Fi 6," which is intended for use by concert organizers, has been introduced in some areas of the arena. The arena will also be equipped for live distribution of music concerts, whose needs are increasing these days, and new live production using XR technology.

Installation of "4D REPLAY," the first permanent free-viewpoint video system in Japan in a multipurpose arena

The free-viewpoint video system "4D REPLAY" uses the time slicing method, a unique technology and the latest algorithm. It is a system that performs high-speed video processing by combining software and generates powerful replay video in a short time. At the Okinawa Arena, 60 4K cameras were installed so as to surround the arena surface 360​​° and the generated images were displayed in 510-inch megabi. Live broadcasts across TV, the internet, and smart devices will provide an unprecedented video experience. 

Installation of a remote camera (4K integrated camera) suitable for live distribution

With COVID-19 in mind, it is important to continue to offer a live event experience online. In addition, the camera can be used as a "remote AR live distribution system" by combining AR technology, and sound.

Navigation service on a web browser utilizing Mappedin, the indoor digital map service

Even if you are visiting Okinawa Arena for the first time, you can reach your own seat section, toilet, shop, and more without hesitation. This digital indoor map service provides an interactive map and route guidance within the arena. Mappedin, a partner of Zenrin Datacom Co., is introduced at Okinawa Arena for the first time in a multipurpose arena in Japan, and helps to solve congestion, described below. By combining important location data with visualization information, we will deliver even more comfortable services to visitors.

Visualization of congestion in toilets and shops using network cameras and Bluetooth technology

In order to realize a comfortable arena experience for visitors, we will measure and visualize the congestion status of toilets and shops on each floor in real-time. By linking this information with the navigation described above, visitors can use their own smartphones to easily monitor these factors and it’s even possible for the arena to promote the use of certain locations during times when congestion is alleviated. 


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