Mappedin Launches Open Sourced Contact Monitoring Solution to Create Safer Indoor Spaces

WATERLOO, ON (September 8, 2020) -- Mappedin, the leading indoor mapping SaaS platform, today released its Open Sourced Contact and Capacity Monitoring solution. This solution enrolls employee smartphones into a private location monitoring service that only works on premises and can be hosted by an employer. With a growing need for technology that helps indoor spaces safely reopen, Mappedin adapted its indoor mapping and wayfinding capabilities to solve an urgent need in the world. 

“We want to enable businesses who are reopening to keep their employees and visitors safe. While Apple and Google have offered a great solution for outdoor spaces, using device to device Bluetooth, there is a gap in large indoor buildings, where most people work. With our Contact Monitoring solution, we use already-tested indoor positioning technologies, such as Apple’s CoreLocation, to accurately determine contact events,” says Hongwei Liu, CEO of Mappedin. He adds that this indoor positioning technology, which doesn’t require additional hardware such as beacons, is already in use by shopping centres worldwide to provide shoppers a better wayfinding experience. 

With privacy in mind, Mappedin decided to open source this code for full transparency on how data is being processed. The solution uses only generated IDs instead of names and only sends data when a user is on site at an approved venue, otherwise called a Geofence. Administrators configure how long data is retained in the database and have full control over what is stored. More documentation is available on GitHub.

Solution Overview

There are 3 components to the Open Sourced Contact Monitoring solution; Native Mobile SDKs, Ingestion API, and Dashboard.

Native Mobile SDKs: The iOS and Android SDKs can be integrated into existing applications, such as a workplace experience apps, and allow devices to get accurate indoor location data while an employee is on site. 

Ingestion API: The Ingestion API is responsible for collecting the location data, processing it at high volumes to determine contact, and storing it optimally for query by the dashboard. 

Dashboard: The pre-built dashboard queries the processed data and provides summaries and visualizations, such as live occupancy information of the office on a map. 

Mappedin is inviting any indoor space, as well as other service providers, to download and use this open source solution to build safer indoor spaces. 

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